So glad to be able to have a part in sending this man to Washington, DC.  We’re with you Rick, 100%!  Get out there and vote on March 13 in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.

FaceBook Election Meddling!!!

On TrumpetStation’s Facebook page, @StopChirping, the site recommends a defamatory page that uses Roy Moore’s campaign images, and provides disgusting content. The implication is that TrumpetStation also likes this page, which we do not. Saying that “People Also Like” that page (when less than 30 people actually do) suggests that our members might also like it. This is also categorically false.

This is ELECTION MEDDLING! Facebook has been censoring conservative content actively for the last week leading up to the special election in Alabama, and increasingly minimizing the reach of pages with conservative content. Now, they are actively spreading propaganda and falsely associating conservatives with it. This is a screen shot of the way this slimy technique is being used:

Facebook is not your friend. The platform is not a medium to connect you with your friends – it is a tool to pry into your personal life and to insert a layer between you and each of your closest contacts. Be warned, the technology is capable of great and powerful things, and society is ill-equipped to respond appropriately to the threats posed. I pray that it isn’t too late to get TrumpetStation off the ground as an alternative to this insidious and dangerous threat to our freedom.

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Russians Undermined Trump On Social Media

According to Politico, testimony on the Hill yesterday by Facebook and Twitter lawyers exposed the REAL Russian efforts on social media. The majority of posts and advertisements linked to Russian sources sought to UNDERMINE Trump and sow doubt about the election and Trump’s victory.  Democrats, the FBI, Mueller, the Russians … all working together to overturn our election? True story.

Manafort Charged

Are we seriously charging this guy with tax evasion?  Oh, no, my mistake – not even that!  I guess Mueller’s FBI couldn’t be bothered with Manafort – but now suddenly it’s the crime of the century.  Give me a break.


The inside line is that there is some HUGE NEWS coming and you won’t want to miss it.  The Washington swamp is bracing itself for the worst. Get your snacks, fire up the TV and hold on to your hat! You’re welcome!

Fusion GPS Tied To DNC And Clinton Campaign

The Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign hired a firm that later worked with a former British Secret Service agent (with ties to the FBI) to build a FAKE DOSSIER that was later used against the Trump campaign and the Trump administration, prompting Mueller’s Russia Collusion investigation.  UNBELIEVABLE.

Hillary For Prison

It’s time to revisit Hillary’s criminal behavior. Yes, hosting a secret, unsecure, private e-mail server, lying about it, using it to store top secret, classified and special access program information, giving access to people without proper security clearances, refusing to turn over e-mails, destroying devices, shredding the server, and destroying evidence and e-mails AFTER they were under Congressional subpoena, … all apparently criminal acts. Where is the indictment?

Build The Wall

Build it! What country in the history of the World has been able to survive without controlling its borders?


The CIA is set to release up to 3,000 pages of black construction paper on Thursday in the interest of full disclosure, as required by a 1992 act of Congress, officially unsealing the Kennedy files after 50 years. What could possibly be in there?