FaceBook Election Meddling!!!

On TrumpetStation’s Facebook page, @StopChirping, the site recommends a defamatory page that uses Roy Moore’s campaign images, and provides disgusting content. The implication is that TrumpetStation also likes this page, which we do not. Saying that “People Also Like” that page (when less than 30 people actually do) suggests that our members might also like it. This is also categorically false.

This is ELECTION MEDDLING! Facebook has been censoring conservative content actively for the last week leading up to the special election in Alabama, and increasingly minimizing the reach of pages with conservative content. Now, they are actively spreading propaganda and falsely associating conservatives with it. This is a screen shot of the way this slimy technique is being used:

Facebook is not your friend. The platform is not a medium to connect you with your friends – it is a tool to pry into your personal life and to insert a layer between you and each of your closest contacts. Be warned, the technology is capable of great and powerful things, and society is ill-equipped to respond appropriately to the threats posed. I pray that it isn’t too late to get TrumpetStation off the ground as an alternative to this insidious and dangerous threat to our freedom.

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